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24 February 2010

Strangeness in our neighborhood

No need to go further away from our home system to find very strange things. Pluto looks more interesting than just a ball of eternal ice and rocks! I like the idea of seasons and "resurfacing" of Pluto in only a "year" (1 Pluto's year = 248 Earth's years)

in reference to:

"The new images reveal substantial differences from how Pluto looked when Hubble examined it in 1994. Pluto has gotten redder, and the northern hemisphere has brightened as the south has darkened. These are likely seasonal changes, which proceed relatively slowly due to Pluto's huge, time-consuming orbit around the sun—only one third of a Pluto year has elapsed since Tombaugh's discovery in 1930. (A Pluto year lasts nearly 248 Earth years.)"
- New Hubble maps show a changing Pluto: Scientific American Gallery (view on Google Sidewiki)

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