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21 February 2011

To Kindle....

or not to Kindle...? That´s the question!

Looking at my side bed desk I can see several kilos of books and magazines. The physical weight and the cost of shipping in/out of Timor-Leste of the books, make me think about getting a Kindle, or another eReader. Here is the list:
  • Particulas Elementales, de Gerard´t Hooft
  • Che Guevara, Una Vida Revolucionaria, de Jon Lee Anderson
  • Out of the Shelter, by David Lodge,
  • The Origin of the Species, 1st Edition, by Charles Darwin (already read the 6th Edition in Spanish, but you must read the 1st)
  • The Voyage of the Beagle, by Charles Darwin (read! but documenting notes and quotes - starting on my tweet feed soon)
  • The Greatest Show on Earth, by Richard Dawkins (read also! But needs quoting!)
  • What Evolution Is?, by Ernst Mayr (read! needs quoting)
  • In Other Rooms, Other Wonders, by Daniyal Mueenuddin
  • Statistics Hacks, by Bruce Frey
  • Sciam of Febrruary 2011, November 2010 and October 2010
  • National of December 2010 and July 2010
And the worst is my back log of non read books! Neal Stephenson, Stephen J. Gould, John Irving, etc, etc!

Ok, I can put all them in a Kindle, or another reader, and take them with me almost weightless! That´s a good reason! Also is very good that you can take notes, save clippings and quotations and highlight passages! That´s a lot of good reasons!

But having a library that can hold 100 or 1000 times the number of books of my actual physical library, it just scares me too much! As a junkie book buyer, I love to walk and browse bookstores, and I always walk away with some more 2 kilos to transport in/out of Timor... But the physical representation of the books impose a physical limit of the amount of books I accumulate in my back log to read. But with an eReader.... I will walk less the bookstores, and I will have zillions of books in my virtual library...

eReader? No yet, thanks....

1 comment:

Sergio Cutrera said...


Yo compré la Kindle hace unos pocos meses, casi cuando publicaste este post.
Me resistí pues le tengo mucho "cariño" o nostalgia a las páginas físicas, pero valió la pena. Dos razones que valieron la pena, que compre unos libros para mi hija que los leyo en una semana y con solo eso ya casi pago la mitad de la Kindle.
Y la otra que me gustó mucho es que puedo bajar muchos clásicos, que yo solía leer cuando era chico, y me sirven para mostrarle a mis hijoas algunos pasajes o cuentos de aquellos viejos libros.
La otra la practicidad cuando uno viaja en avión, etc.
yo también fuí fanático de la ciencia ficción, que ahora ya casi no existe, me gustaba mucho Bradbury, Ursula K Leguin, Asimov, y en particular Theodore Sturgeon.

Saludos, Sergio.