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22 June 2013

More on hoaxes

Nice review of [Bad Astronomy on Tech Thoughts](http://www.techthoughts.net/2013/06/18/review-bad-astronomy/). I liked the following:

"... collapsing the arguments of moon landing deniers requires little scientific acumen or data whatsoever. They might try the following on for size:

1. Experts in the field say we voyaged to the moon, and it’s usually a good idea to defer to experts on matters in which you are, in fact, not one.

2. Global conspiracy theories are probably infeasible.

3. If the Soviet Union had the slightest inkling of imposture, they would have trumpeted it from the rooftops to the stars.

4. Photographic chicanery of the type required to spoof a moon landing did not exist"

Need more critical thinking, less idiocy

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