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27 October 2011

Neutrinos stunned scientists…

A quick search on neutrinos faster speed will show a list of recently news about awesome results, if they are confirmed.

[interesting if you key in Google with ‘neutrinos fast… Google will suggest ‘neutrinos faster than light’, neutrinos faster than the speed of light’, ‘neutrinos faster light’, ‘neutrinos faster speed light’… seems a lot of people keyed in the same a lot, neutrinos are in fashion]

A friend of mine, physic by heart, study and profession, pointed to me to this more than strange results from the OPERA experiment.

Also enjoying my weekly Skeptic Guide to the Universe Podcast #327 I was updated on the recently developments and possible impact of this new in the mainstream media. Just tune for the podcast in the segment from 10:21 sec to 20:01 sec’s. I like in particular Bob saying “I do not want live in a Universe that Effect precedes Cause” (11:33 – 11:49 sec’s aprox).

They pointed to one reasonable explanation: “that the difference (60 nanoseconds! an statistical correlation from the result of 15K experiments!) can be explained if the clocks at the ending points were not synchronized correctly”. Or:

“The OPERA team timed the neutrinos using clocks at each location that were synchronized using GPS (Global Positioning System) signals from a single satellite. Contaldi's paper says the group's calculations do not take into account one aspect of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity: that slight differences in the force of gravity at the two sites would cause the clocks to tick at different rates” (see Faster-than-light neutrinos face time trial)

Like the Pioneer Anomaly the explanation will be complicated and hard to calculate (reality can be messy), but it will not overthrown Relativity Theory…

60 nanoseconds! Incredibly! So precise is the model!

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