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23 February 2012

Einstein got it right. Again! Neutrinos respect speed limit…

Ok – a long time not here. But it is good to go back with some interesting and funny (you can say that) news item. At the end neutrinos are encased within the Relativity Laws, they didn’t stunned scientists, but instead a faulty technical plug was the cause of very much excitement

Not final on this but 2 potential errors can put the neutrinos back into Eintein’s realm, from Nature’s reporting:

  • “the passage of time on the clocks between the arrival of the synchronizing signal has to be interpolated and OPERA now says this may not have been done correctly”
  • “there was a possible faulty connection between the GPS signal and the OPERA master clock”

Scientific American reports basically on the same. Amazing Einstein!

And complicated experimental science. 60 nanoseconds! And just a faulty connector! Audio engineers know this well, and one of my teachers in Engineering school always said “plug in two cables and you will create some sparks. Beware of connections!”

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