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17 March 2018

Why are so many things?

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It was Darwin's Day! Last February 12th!
A good Day to start writing a lit bit more focused on these topics I like, such as:

  • Biology
  • Evolution
  • and many other things, which are not related to Biology - so keeping the things here in the same topic

It will be a story in three parts:

  • Why are so many things? The natural curiosity of kids
  • About classifying things: if you like collecting stuff, you will like this exercise
  • About change, heredity and populations: On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection
And another article on Creationism, more specifically about people that hold creationists belief. This is a thorn topic, at least for me, and however the post is written, and already went under 3 or 4 review, it needs more editing...

[Editor's Note: Creationism has the same impact in the author as the Moon Hoax: why? why do people has these beliefs?]

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